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Cabidor Classic

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  • 1 Cabidor cabinet
  • 6 adjustable shelves
  • 2 fixed shelves (bottom and center shelf)
  • 8 retention rods for taller items
  • Mounting hardware

    Instant Storage

    Quickly gain the storage capacity of 5 standard medicine cabinets in a space that would otherwise be wasted behind your door. Clear cluttered counter tops with ease.

    Instant Organization

    The well laid out, customizable design keeps all of your items stored neatly together, and at your finger tips. No more digging through a disorganized pile in a drawer or vanity cabinet. Instead, all of your items are well organized according to your specific storage needs. With the Cabidor, the focus is on you.

    Beautifully Concealed

    All of the items you store are hidden from sight behind the facade of a finished cabinet. When you need your items they are easily accessible, yet neatly concealed when you don’t.

    Fast and Easy Installation

    Step One

    Set the hanging hardware the same distance apart as your door hinges.

    Step 2

    Remove and re-insert your hinge pins through the hanging hardware.

    Step 3

    Attach the magnet catch to your door, and install the shelves.

     Installation Requirements:

    • Requires a minimum of 3.5" of clearance between the center of each hinge pin and an adjacent wall. 
    • Requires a minimum of 2 hinges with removable hinge pins.
    • Mounts on the side of the door where the hinges are visible. 
    • Mounting on the non-hinge side of the door, or the wall requires an adapter kit that is sold separately. 

    Key Features:

    • Multi-award winning
    • Hinge-mounted design provides greater strength
    • Works in unison with your door for smooth opening and closing
    • Large storage capacity
    • Conceals stored items
    • Customizable interior
    • No damage to your door
    • Reclaims unused space
    • High quality materials
    • High end finishes
    • Fast, easy installation
    • Reversible for right or left hinged door


    • Weight: 25.35 lbs
    • Exterior Dimensions: 70”h x 16”w x 4”d
    • Color: White

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    5 star review

    LOVE my new cabidor! 

    LOVE my new cabidor!  I am using it in my sewing room and it is the perfect place for almost all of my ribbon spools.  (There are a few that are too big to fit there, but I just turned them sideways).  Having the cabidor installed has allowed me to get rid of a free standing cabinet in that room.  This works out great because, having recently downsized, my sewing room also doubles as a guest room.   Hats off to the genius who thought the cabidor up!  Every one of my friends who have seen it want one of their own.  Thank you for helping me organize my space!

    Robyn M.
    5 star review

    Unbelievable Storage Solution

    My wife and I recently located from New York to Fort Myers, Florida.  We were used to endless storage that included a basement.  That meant drastic downsizing.  Several of our smaller items remained in boxes until we read about Cabidor in the local newspaper.  We researched this ingenious storage solution and purchased 4 of them.  Not only is this a quality product, but it is functional, attractive, easy to install and the company stands by the product.  We have never received such over the top customer service from any company. 

    5 star review

    These are the BEST!!!

    These are the BEST!!! I have been telling the world about them and have multiple friends who are going to order from you. I cannot believe I did not know about these sooner! Everything about them is stellar!I like the height, width and adjustable shelves. It's so nice to have everything in one space that is easily accessible and visible. I can put all my spices in this rack and they aren't several bottles deep. And the other one is in our bathroom and freed up much space under the our cupboards making our products easier to get and use daily. Ahhhhhhhhh, we just love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shannon E.
    5 star review

    Tried one, had to order another.

    This is well worth the money invested.  The quality is excellent...sturdy and secure.  I have one on the door to my master bath filled with beauty products and toiletries and small appliances and the second one is on a door off my kitchen and filled with spices, oils, and vinegars.  When space is of the essence, this is a great solution.

    5 star review

    Awesome Storage

    This is our second Cabidor so it is clear we love it.  Installing it was easy.  It is perfect for the bathroom, with loads of storage for all those tubes and containers, with visible, easy access.  No more "losing" things at the back of the closet.  Great idea!

    5 star review

    I love it

    I was looking for a product to give me more storage space since my kitchen is small, but didn't want something that looked tacky hanging over the door. I asked my kids to buy me this for Christmas. My son in law installed it in less than 30 minutes and kept commenting how ingenious this cabinet is. IT IS! I love it.

    Beverly W.