Installation Considerations

How much distance do I need to hang the Cabidor on a door that is in a corner?
If your door is in a corner you must have the following minimum clearance for each model:
Cabidor Classic – 3.5" from the side wall to the CENTER of each hinge pin
Cabidor Mirrored Classic – 3.5” from the side wall to the CENTER of each hinge pin.

Will the Cabidor hang on a right or left hand door?
Yes, the Cabidor is completely reversible and will hang on either right or left hinge doors. The cabinet can be reversed simply by spinning the unit 180 degrees.

How many hinges do I need to hang the Cabidor on my door?
The Cabidor will hang on doors with 2, 3 or 4 hinges, provided that at least two of the hinges are no more than 70” apart. The holes on the side of the Cabidor provide unlimited adjustment of the hanging hardware which enables the unit to be installed on virtually any door.

Will older, larger or commercial hinge pins fit inside the hanging hardware?
The Cabidor hanging hardware is designed to fit residential hinge pins (1/4”) as well as most commercial hinge pins (5/16”). The hanging hardware will also fit many older, larger hinge pins.
The hanging hardware hinge pin hole diameter measures 10.5/32” (8.34 mm).

Will the Cabidor work on an 8’ door?

Yes, the Cabidor will work on standard 6’8” and 8’ doors.

How do you keep the unit from swinging when the door is opening and closing?
When the unit is closed, the Cabidor is fixed to your door with a magnet and metal striker plate. The striker plate is attached to your door with double faced tape or 2 small screws.  Both are included in the hardware pack.

Can the Cabidor be mounted without using the door hinges?
Yes, we offer an adapter kit that allows you to mount the Cabidor to the non-hinge side of your door or directly onto a wall. The kit is available exclusively through www.Cabidor.com.

How much weight can the Cabidor hold?
The recommended maximum weight of the stored contents for the Cabidor is 25 lbs.

Will my door handle the additional weight of the Cabidor?
Yes, any standard door will handle the additional weight of the Cabidor and its contents. The Cabidor has been subjected to stringent, continuous testing for 10 years on standard doors.  All tested, weighted units have performed flawlessly.

Do you have to take the door off to install the Cabidor?
No, you do not have to take off the door to install the Cabidor. Simply close the door and remove the hinge pins per the instructions.  Be careful not to open the door when the pins have been removed.

Does the Cabidor lock?
No, the Cabidor does not include a lock, however, many customers have installed cabinet locks purchased at home centers and hardware stores.

Can the Cabidor be mounted on sliding doors?
The Cabidor cannot be mounted on pocket or sliding doors.

Can the Cabidor be mounted on an RV door?
The Cabidor can be mounted on an RV door if the door has standard hinges with removable hinge pins.

What are the dimensions of the Cabidor?
The approximate Cabidor dimensions are as follows:
Classic – 70”h x 16”w x 4”d
Mirrored Classic – 70”h x 16”w  x 4 1/8”d

How much does the Cabinet weigh prior to installation?
The cabinet weights are as follows:
Classic – 25.35 lbs.
Mirrored Classic – 33 lbs.

How many shelves are included with the unit?
The Cabidor includes 6 adjustable shelves and 2 fixed shelves (including one center shelf and the bottom of the unit) for a total of 8 shelves.

How deep is the interior storage of the cabinet?
The interior depth of the storage shelves is 3 3/8”. The depth from the retention rod to the rear of the cabinet is 3 1/8”.

Will standard sized canned goods fit behind the retention rods for use as a pantry?
Yes, standard canned goods will fit in the Cabidor.

What is the distance between the bottom of the cabinet and the center fixed shelf?
The distance between the bottom of the cabinet and the center fixed shelf is 34 1/8”. The Cabidor will easily fit a standard, 30” roll of gift wrapping paper.
Will this unit fit tall items like a mop or broom?
No, the center shelf is fixed so the unit will only fit items less than 34 1/8”.

Does the Cabidor Mirrored Classic have a real mirror?

Yes, the Cabidor Mirrored Classic includes a real, glass mirror that eliminates the distortion that is found in some acrylic mirrors. 

Can the Cabidor be painted?
Yes, the Cabidor can be painted. The unit will need to be lightly sanded with 220 grit sandpaper to ensure that the new finish will adhere to the cabinet surface.

Can you insert the rods after the cabinet is installed?
Yes, the rods can be inserted after installation, though it is easier to insert prior to installation.
Place a rubber grommet onto the rod
Place one end of the rod into one of the shelf pin holes that penetrate the side of the cabinet. (These holes are on the side of the cabinet that is closest to the hinges of the door.)
Gently flex the rod and slide it into the through hole just far enough to get the opposite end past the front trim. Be careful not to scratch the exterior trim of the cabinet with the end of the rod.
Pull the rod back into the corresponding shelf pin hole on the opposite side of the cabinet.
Slide the grommet down the rod until it is tight against the side of the cabinet that contains the through holes.

Accessories And Spare Parts

Can replacement or additional parts be purchased?
Yes, you can purchase replacement or additional parts through www.Cabidor.com.

Can I purchase extra shelves?
Yes, extra shelves can be purchased at Cabidor.com.

Do you offer any accessories?

We currently sell an adapter kit for wall and door mounting in addition to a 2 shelf pack.

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

We value our customers, and we want you to be 100% satisfied. If you aren’t satisfied with your Cabidor for any reason within 30 days of receiving it, you can return it for a full refund less return shipping cost. If we made a mistake or the item arrived damaged we will make things right.